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Find local citations, spot NAP issues, and track citation performance

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Everything you need to keep on top of citations

Monitor existing citations

Full NAP audit

Find new citation sites

Identify duplicate listings

Easily manage citation work

White-label reports


Uncover new citation opportunities

Remove the guesswork and legwork of finding the best citation sites. Citation Tracker automatically scans the web to find the most valuable and important sites to get listed on.

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Find and fix errors in existing listings

Give existing citations a clean bill of health. Your citation health check reveals NAP (Name/Address/Phone Number) errors and duplicate listings that need your attention.

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“BrightLocal has become integral in executing our local SEO campaigns successfully. Our team has saved countless hours letting the Citation Tracker tool do day-to-day legwork for us.”
Jamie Sellars
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Close the gap on the competition

See a list of citations and business mentions that your top five competitors have, that you don’t. Competitor insights make easy work of finding hyper-relevant new citations sites for your business.

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Easily manage citation workflow

Ditch the need for yet another spreadsheet. Use super-clear workflow features to manage, coordinate, and stay on top of progress.

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Share the impact of your efforts

Demonstrate ongoing value to clients with white-labeled reports that track improvements to citation accuracy and citation growth over time.

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Start tracking and improving your citations today


Don’t just take our word for it…

“I have used several different citation tools but BrightLocal is still at the top of my list, the citation building and tracking resources are perfection!”
William Chan
Inbound Law Marketing
"I have tried several other citation management tools and this is by far the best and easiest to use and set up. I would highly recommend it!"
Lindsay Marty
Marketing Consultant
"Citation Tracker helps us to identify new opportunities. I highly recommend it to other agencies."
Gareth Simpson
GWS Media